Friday, May 22, 2015

STSS Spring Adventure 2015 // Day Four: Church with Steph & Home

Mother's Day Photobooth // Steph & I
Church on Mother's Day // Steph & Mellie
^ Steph and Mellieee! ^
Teacup in Westminster // Green Interior
^ So green. I approve. ^
Driving Home // Tommy's Sad Face
^ Either we're stuck in traffic or Tommy doesn't want to leave. Both options are valid. ^

Day Four of our SoCal adventure started early. Like, 5:45am early. Which I know isn't that early for some people, but for this particular kidlet, it's definitely not my normal waking time.

The plan was to leave by 6:30am and get to church by 7am in order to help with the special Mother's Day brunch. However, plans were meant to go awry, and luckily for us, apparently everyone else involved with the brunch arrived late as well. O.o Asian churches. Nothing's ever on time.

Helping serve brunch to the many mothers at Steph's church was fantastic. I highly recommend working side by side with people you don't know as a great way to make insta-friends. :P After a morning spent meeting and hanging out with a bunch of Steph's church peeps, I can definitely see why she likes them lots. They were all so amazingly friendly and sweet and welcoming.

Since there were a bunch of moms whose kids were away at school or all grown up, and whose husbands had to work over the weekend {again, Asian churches. There's a lotta doctors. O.o}, Steph's family invited them to join us for a fun lunch out to celebrate the holiday. Before we all piled into cars, Steph dragged me into the photobooth and was like, "Let's take pictures!" "But Steph, we're not mothers..." "So?" "Oh. Okay." As you can see from the above photo, I definitely need to work on my photobooth game. For someone who did theatre the entirety of high school, you'd think I'd remember to cheat to camera by now. D:

Lunch was an adventure. Because it was Mother's Day, everyone who hadn't really planned properly took their mothers out for lunch. Which meant that every single restaurant we tried to go to either had an exorbitant prix fixe menu or had a two hour wait. No bueno. We finally ended up at a Chinese restaurant because they were the only ones who didn't have a ridiculously long wait and had space for a table of thirteen. Thankfully, their food was also pretty decent.

Steph and I had to awkwardly cut out in the middle of lunch since we needed to meet the guys back at her house. {Btw, sliding under the table at a Chinese restaurant in a long drape-y Sunday dress is not advised if you can help it. I was inwardly shuddering {and outwardly nose-wrinkling} at the thought of cleaning that floor with my clothes. Ugh}. We dashed across the strip mall to a new boba place to pick up milk tea for us and the guys, jumped back into the car, and made our way home.

The drinks we picked up were from Teacup in Westminster, and the interior decor there was an excellent shade of green, if I may say so myself {so so many of my things are that color... heh}. Steph really liked her selection, some sort of orange-pink fruit concoction that tasted like a sugar shot to the bloodstream {I said that for the drink from Class 302 on Thursday, too, but this one tasted better and was half the price}. From the speed that Stephen's iced coffee disappeared {with a little assistance from Tommy}, I'm guessing that wasn't too bad either.

Tommy and I started the drive back home around 5pm and didn't get back until 11:45pm-ish. That's longer than the normal four and a half hours it takes us to get from the Bay Area to UCLA, but then again, we started an extra hour south this time, we made two stops, and there was more traffic than both other times {apparently driving north on a Sunday night is a thing lots of people like to do}.

It truly was an excellent weekend. Although any time STSS gets to hang out, it's an excellent weekend. Thanks so much to Evelyn and Mickeyla for letting me stay over and hang out Thursday night and Friday morning, to Steph for having us over Friday {and for me, Saturday} night and hosting oh-so-excellently, and to Tommy for doing lots and lots of driving over a four day time span. {Stephen, you're a cool kid for giving into our peer pressure and showing up Friday night instead of Saturday morning. :P } Also, yay for parentals who are down with me disappearing on them for a weekend. Semi-spontaneous adventures are the bestest and so are you guys! (:


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Tasty Garden

9433 Bolsa Avenue, Suite C
Westminster, California 92683


9393 Bolsa Avenue, Suite A
Westminster, California 92683

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