Monday, May 18, 2015

STSS Spring Adventure 2015 // Day Two, Pt 2: Hanging Out in Irvine

 ^ One of the MANY pictures we sent Stephen to try to get him to drive down and join the fun. ^
 ^ And this one. Because Steph. :P ^
 ^ These two collaborating in order to beat Stephen at trivia. ^
 ^ Dinnaaaar. ^

Tommy and I left Mickeyla's apartment around 2:30pm with plans to meet Steph at 3:45pm. We didn't get there until 4:40ish. Oh, LA Friday rush hour freeway traffic. How ridiculous you are.

Luckily, Tommy and I are decently used to sitting in the car for long periods of time {road trip from NorCal to LA in August, driving around SF and to/from Monterey in December, NorCal to LA again Thursday, etc}. Poor Steph was wondering when in the world we'd get there though and kept us company for about an hour on the phone. Girl needed sleep since she got up at 5:45am for teacher training day at work, but was fighting it hard. She finally gave in about half an hour before we showed up and took a nap in her car.

The first thing we did when we arrived at the location Steph specified was... get boba. What else? The Class 302 in Irvine allows you to fill your own cup with whatever combination of extras {boba, jelly, pudding, whathaveyou} and flavored/milk tea you'd prefer. Sounds lovely in theory, but since you can't adjust the sweetness level, it's like drinking liquid sugar that goes straight to your bloodstream. Holey moley. O.o

With no other set plans beyond getting boba, Steph, Tommy, and I ended up wandering around the shopping area, strolling into and through Lowe's {where Tommy petted a flameless stovetop and Steph stared mesmerized by a strobe disco light}, and sitting in one of the patio furniture/gazebo things on display inside. You know you're good friends when you don't mind your entertainment being that lowkey.

Once we finally exited Lowe's, we went back to the small seating area outside Class 302 and I absorbed sunlight {coldblooded much?} while Steph and Tommy played a trivia game on her phone against Stephen. Every now and then, Steph would get a call from either siblings or parents to remember to pick up her brother from school later or to ask if she could get her older sisters from church in a few hours. We also tried our hardest to convince Stephen to drive down that night as opposed to in the morning like he originally planned. He finally gave in after a lot of pleading and cajoling on our part. Heh. 

We decided on a game plan of: grab dinner somewhere in the shopping area, then Steph would go get her little brobro from UC Irvine and Tommy and I would find Charlie and Roxy near church. Everyone would meet up back at home and sometime near 11:30 to midnight, Stephen would arrive with Steph's little sister and her friends in tow {they were coming from Westwood}. So that's what happened.

Dinner was Pieology near the Edwards Stadium Cinema movie theater. The line was decently long, but we weren't in any super rush, so we just talked the entire time while we waited. The food was pretty good-- Steph and I split an Alfredo pizza and Tommy... made his own with a whole bunch of random things. I don't even know.

Everyone split up, found their assigned peeps, and drove back to Steph's house. The rest of the night was just as lowkey as the afternoon had been, which was cause for some confusion from Steph's madre since she was like, "But you guys haven't seen each other for ages and you're our guests. Shouldn't you all be doing something more exciting than taking a shower (Steph) and putting together a mini lego set at the kitchen counter (Tommy and me)?" Hee. In all honesty, the best part of seeing the besties is that you can fall back into the same comfortableness that warrants treating them like family and just hanging out together, not doing anything special. It's great. I love it.

Stephen, Mellie, and friends showed up when they said they would. The first thing the sophomore girls did was scoop bowls of ice cream. The first thing we old people did was simply sit near each other and revel in the fact that we were all in the same place again. You know you're getting a bit older when you don't want ice cream at midnight. :P

With five extra people in the house that night and all of the five siblings home as well, the sleeping arrangements took a bit of finagling. It was ultimately decided that Mellie and friends would stay in Steph's room with a giant air mattress, Stephen and Tommy got the floor of the living room, and Steph and I would share the pull out couch in the family room. I really do look forward to spending time with these kidlets and Steph's family. There's never a dull moment and there's always someone around {as an only child, that's a novel idea}. Twas a good day.


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Class 302
13252 Jamboree Road
Irvine, California 92614

Pieology at the Market Place
13786 Jamboree Road #110
Irvine, California 92602

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