Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Thoughts // No. 6

Margaret Haddix // Summer Reading

No. 6 // May 25-31, 2015

+ Since the padre and I aren't quite ready for another dog yet, but the house feels slightly empty without pets, we're thinking maybe fish can hold the fort until the right dog comes along. You know how last week we cleaned out the weird bar/sink area in the breakfast nook {I didn't name it, that's just what it's called}? Our old fishtank is also there, so we scrubbed that down and filled it with new water, too. We'll need to run the filter and add pro-fish chemicals this week, but maybe next week we'll have fish friends! :D

+ American Ninja Warrior started up again Monday. Literally the only show I'll watch of all the summer fillers. Not sure about this new female co-host, but maybs she was just nervous during the first episode? O.o

+ All the fruit! We've got strawberries, blueberries, pears, apples, cherries, blackberries, and persimmons in the house and it's great. And oranges and bananas, but I don't really get excited over those...

+ There's a new series I want to start on the bloglet soon that I put some work into this week. It's not anywhere close to being ready to publish, but progress is being made! 

+ The songs on mental replay lately: Octahate, Centuries, Good Girls, and Here's to Never Growing Up. {Why must the music videos always be so O.o ? Siiigh}... Also. I just realize they're all slightly angry sounding. I swear I'm a happy person? :P

Written Sunday at 4pm:

+ Sooo, there's a new addition to our house thanks to Maddie's Fund weekend. I'll explain in a bit, but yep. It's exciting news!

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