Monday, June 1, 2015

TV Finales of 2015 // Thoughts

Last autumn, I reviewed a bunch of TV premieres and tried to judge my chances for continued viewing based on one episode alone. Well, after an entire television season has passed, I can now reveal which shows I actually stuck with and which fell by the wayside! I think I might be the only one who cares in terms of the mysterious question of "WHAT DID SAM WATCH THESE LAST NINE MONTHS," but that's okay. I want to know. So I shall write. (:

Ermahgherd. If there is one show that I am willing to fangirl over, it's this one. I'm not even sure I can put into words what I love about it so much without *squee*ing, but I'll try. The writing was consistently good {although there were a few filler episodes, but even those were still interesting}, the action sequences are excellently put together {this may be the one show that could make me nervous (read: elevated pulse for the last fifteen minutes) every week}, that chemistry/fit between all the actors I said they needed more time to develop and strengthen at the start of the season? Yeah, it's good now. Ugh. Seriously, the overarching storylines for the characters and their relationships to one another is just... I can't even.

There are few things I am willing to watch on repeat {only The Italian Job and Guys & Dolls until now}, but this show has definitely been added to that very short list. So so SO excited for Season Two and crossing my fingers that it maintains its quality.

The Amazing Race:
This was something I just started watching this season and, much to my surprise, quite enjoyed. Now I kind of want to try out for the show, but one, I'm so not prepared yet and two, I don't know who I'd try out with. It seems fun, if a tad crazy and very intense and stressful and conducive to angry/tired tears. But other than that... :P

Fresh Off the Boat:
Initially wary of the title, the show itself isn't too bad. The jokes are funny without being too self-deprecating or counter-racist {you know, if all the jokes were about how awful Caucasian people were or something}. A lot of the 90s references DO go over my head {I grew up then, but didn't really participate/care about the pop culture stuff}, but that's on me. It's been renewed for a second season even though viewership has been slowly dropping according to the numbers, so let's see if ABC will give it another full season or if it'll be cancelled midway through {which is what I'm thinking might happen}.

Once Upon a Time:
Eh. That entire Frozen-centric first half was so. totally. useless. The storylines weren't exciting, the acting was meh, and I just couldn't get myself to be enthusiastic about what was SO OBVIOUSLY a marketing ploy by Disney to prolong the hype over a mediocre movie. So I took a break from the show.

The second half of the season, I semi-watched. Like, we'd turn there if the Great British Baking Show had a lull, but if I missed a week or two, I'd survive. And then I watched the finale. Because you HAVE to watch alternate universe episodes, you know? And ermahgherd. So. Good. The writers hit their stride once more and threw in plot twists and better storylines and more interesting characters. That cliffhanger was excellent, I must say. I'm guessing the second half of the season was heaps and heaps better than the first, but I'll have to wait until it all comes out on DVD to catch up on the Villainesses/Evil Trio storyline. Hopefully Disney is done with Frozen for at least another year. Integrate Star Wars when that releases? Fine. Bring back Arendelle when Frozen 2 releases? NO.

Big Bang Theory:
"But what do I do about THIS ring?" Asdfjklsfdsjkl.

Modern Family:
When you know you're being renewed for probably at least another two or three seasons, I guess you don't have to try so hard with the season finale. Or at all. This WAS another very good season of Modern Family, but the finale was so. weak. The jokes were O.o, the storylines O.o, and pretty much no cliffhanger whatsoever. Definitely disappointed with the finale episode, but the rest of the season was fine. My favorite episode was probably the one shown entirely via Claire's computer screen. My parentals were like... "Whaaaat."


Selfie: SIIIIIGH. Told you ABC would cancel it. All the sad faces. ))): Boo. Not happy this was cancelled, but wasn't surprised. Because again. ABC. *shakes head* {I think I'm not waxing eloquently about my disappointment on this one (and A to Z) because it's already been half a year since they ended and we've had time to adjust. I'm sure I would've had more to say had they justjustjust been cancelled}.

A to Z: Foresaw this one not surviving, too. Not AS disappointed {more like resigned} when NBC called it quits on this show since it was starting to get a little "eh", but I would've liked it to end in a different spot. Wasn't a fan of the finale. Girl passes up major job offer to stay with Boy? Been there, done that, still not a good solution. For a show that discussed the Bechdel Test, that finale was a pretty lame move.

Forever: Alas, ABC has cancelled this one, too. Oh, ABC. Why you so cold-hearted. I've started to get the feeling that anything that doesn't feature major makeout seshs or partial nudity ends up cancelled on this network. I'm pretty sure the timeslot ABC stuck it in didn't help any {10-11pm is pretty late at night for a show with no adult content, guys}. Upside, Season One was wrapped up in a nice little bow in terms of completing all unfinished storylines, so at least we weren't left hanging?

Mindy Project: Not something I'd watch religiously, but it works for mindless TV if I need a break. FOX cancelled it at a weird place this season, but if you didn't know, Hulu picked it up for the next season. So it's only semi-cancelled. It'll be interesting to see where she goes with this pregnancy storyline.

Gotham: too scary. I can't watch this by myself at night. Sheesh.
NCIS: New Orleans: I didn't feel attached to the characters enough by the end of the pilot to care what happened to them in the second episode. I feel a little bad saying that, but it's true! I hear good things about the show, but it's not something I feel the need to tune in for each week.
Agents of SHIELD: technically I watched the entire first season, but after the season two premiere, I gave up trying to keep up with all the new characters and weird plotlines they introduced in one fell swoop. Tommy loves it though and it IS impressive {or majorly devious, either one} how Marvel integrates its movie releases into the TV show plotlines. Nice job on that guys. This Comm major gives you an impressed face. 

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