Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 36

Megan Bravinder // Bright Pink Florals & Hola Marquee Sign
^ via Megan Bravinder nee Welker ^

No. 36 // May 30-31, 2015

+ I don't personally use this method of checking if a steak is done, but I did start laughing when I read the article. Mostly because I could just picture certain friends of mine poking each other's faces while testing their steak. The imagery. Oh man.

+ Steph is under the impression that we don't have any good beaches here in Norcal, but here's a list of five lesser-known SF beaches that might change her mind.

+ Esther's post about building your tribe and strengthening your community is a good one. STSS already has a joint spreadsheet for future adventures, but I really like the idea of volunteering with friends. I'll probably drag Janelly to do that one with me. :P {If you're reading this, Janelle dear, are you down? :D }

+ I think I'd feel super rushed if someone took me on a three-hour of their massive city, but Jordan put together one such tour for San Francisco that I'm pretty curious to see if it really works. 


Nothing planned for this weekend either, I think. Probably more waffles. Hope you have an awesome weekend, friends, and enjoy the last bit of May!

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