Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekend Reading Material // No. 35

Amber Thrane // Snowy Bryce Canyon
^ via Amber Thrane ^

No. 35 // May 23-24, 2015

+ Reading about this world-traveling twenty-three year old who's been on her own for over a year with no plans of stopping anytime soon... I'll admit to a bit of wanderlust envy. Mostly, though, I think I'm a tad jealous of her ability to take that first step and book the ticket to leave. Someday. Consider this my promise to myself. *pinky promises self*

+ UCLA's Spring Sing was last Friday and the skit that's been making its way around my Facebook feed is this one here. I'll admit to being amused.

+ Having learned from experience the dangers of overpacking for trips {oh, sixth grade self. How much clothes did you think you'd need for a few days of class trip camping? ): }, I've become super ruthless over the years and have gotten decently good at minimalist packing. However, I'm still impressed with Kelly's carry-on only packing list for two weeks of travel to three different locations.

+ Who knew that Herschel backpacks started only a few years ago? It's the age of the start-up heritage brand and theirs is one of the more prominent success stories.


Genevieve of Le Petit Elefant is having a 20% off sale through May 25th with the code "NEWLEAF" and Grace of Gracelaced is having a Father's Day sale this week where everything is 15% off and you get a free print with your art order. I don't usually do Memorial Day sales, but there are a couple of weddings coming up and these ladies are awesome-sauce. Have a great three-day weekend, friends, and remember to thank those you know who've been in the service! <3

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