Friday, May 29, 2015

The 23 List // May Update

Backyard Strawberries // Homegrown
^ Not bad for growing these from seed last year, right? :D ^

bake eight new recipes // well, I haven't made anything new this month, but I did make a bunch more Brown Sugar Oatmeal cookies to take down to LA for #STSSSpringAdventure2015. And Funfetti Cookies, because Steph. But those don't count cause it's not a new recipe to me. You can find it here though if you've never heard of them!

+ read three nonfiction books, cover to cover // in the middle of, like, three different nonfiction books right now. Either next month's update will have a ton of book reviews or I will have given up and just returned them unfinished to the library. You can only renew something so many times, you know?

+ send snail mail to five people {thank you cards don't count} // so. many. thank you. notes. were sent out this month. So many. I think I'm still two or three random snail mails short of finishing this one though, unless I just give in and say thank you notes count. Hmm. Nah, I should probably just stick to the rules, huh? O.o

+ reach 50 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers // as of this moment, we're at 86 Instagram peeps and 533 Pinterest ones. Whoaaa.

+ walk across the Golden Gate Bridge // plans have been made for this to be accomplished when Mickeyla is home for a week in June. If you'd like to join us, let us know!

+ listen to 10 podcasts // I listened to two more! And I didn't take notes! Aren't you proud of me? I'm proud of me.

+ start a guest interview series on the blog // STARTED. Yusss. Thanksthanks to the great Janelly for being the guinea pig and giving us a fanTAStic first interview!


I suppose we did okay this month. Not too much was crossed off the list, but small bits of progress were still being made, so. Two more months! I can already tell you a few of those things on the list aren't going to be completed, but I think that's alright. I'm glad I've gotten as far as I have!


The 23 List updates for September/OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary/FebruaryMarch, and April in case you missed them. (:

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