Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The 23 List // November Update

{Clarion Alley, Mission District, October 24, 2014}

By the end of November:

+ explore more of San Francisco's neighborhoods // as has been mentioned a few times previously, the besties are coming up to NorCal the week after Christmas, so we're spending two full days in the city and a day in Monterey adventuring. Lots of wandering shall be done, although we'll probably stay in a few neighborhoods instead of exploring ALL the neighborhoods. Not enough time for that.

+ explore more of San Francisco's neighborhoods // I am now a little more familiar with the SoMa area since I have to walk five very long blocks from Bart to the office where I intern. Moscone Center, Children's Creativity Museum, allllll the construction, I see you.

bake eight new recipes // pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips and cranberries.

+ bake eight new recipes // cranberry scones.

+ bake eight new recipes // funfetti biscotti.

+ read three nonfiction books, cover to cover // I'm tryiiiing. I've discovered I'm not very good at finishing nonfiction ebooks. In the time one nonfiction book has been sitting in my e-library, I've almost finished two different fiction trilogies in ebook form. I think it's because nonfiction books remind me of textbooks/things that I have to read carefully in case I need to remember it all later. And that's no fun. BUT I WILL CONQUER THIS ITEM. BECAUSE IT'S BEEN ON THE LIST FOR TWO YEARS RUNNING. How sad is that. *eek*

+ get a haircut I'm not horrified by// done. Still no pictures... and it's grown an inch already. By the time I get around to asking someone to take a picture, it might be long again. Oy.

+ go through my room and organize it ALL-- glean, donate, throw away // working on it. I just keep telling myself it's getting better {and it is. just... slowly}. We've got *checks calendar* three and a half weeks left to get everything in order before the besties arrive. WE CAN DO THIS. YUSSS.

+ attend a live concert // thought about the latest TSwift concert tour. Turns out, tickets are wayyy out of this funemployed kid's price range {slash the only tickets left now are, like, behind the main stage so you can't see anything anyways}. Hmph.

+ reach 50 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers // closing in on that second one. We're at 499.


This has been a crazy month. But we've done pretty well on The 23 List front, surprisingly. Alrighty, December. Let's see what you got!


September/October update here.

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