Friday, March 6, 2015

Foodie Adventuring // Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies with White Chocolate Chips & Dried Cranberries

Theeese are the cookies. I'm not usually a super big oatmeal cookie fan, but they DO make me feel like I'm being a tad bit healthier than if I ate a cookie with no oats in it {even though the amount of butter and sugar is the same/more than regular chocolate chip... O.o}.

I highly recommend these. Ree Drummond's Brown Sugar Oatmeal cookies are really delicious and tweaking a few things made them even moaaar amazing. And they're pretty simple, so you should go bake these right now. *nods*

Here are my notes:

+ Grown-ups love these. Kids are wary at first {because OATMEAL cookie}, but once they realize the cookies are actually pretty sweet, they eat them up pretty quickly as well.

+ We were running a bit low on brown sugar, so I decided to try making my own via Joy the Baker's instructions. Instead of two cups of dark brown sugar, I used one cup brown sugar, one cup white sugar, and two tablespoons of dark molasses. The molasses gives the cookies a slightly deeper taste. It works.

+ I also accidentally used one teaspoon baking soda instead of half. It didn't seem to make a difference, although you should probably stick to the recipe. :P

+ I split the dough up into thirds. One third I left exactly as the recipe called for {no added whatnots}, the other two thirds I added white chocolate chips and dried cranberries. No set amounts, just what looked balanced to me. The simple oatmeal cookies had a natural sweetness and you could taste that hint of molasses; the chocolate/cranberry oatmeal cookies were much sweeter, a tiny bit more chewy {it might've just been the cranberries}, and had more varying textures. I liked both equally well, though, so it's completely up to you!

+ Instead of 12-13 minute bake time, I had to leave mine in for ~20 minutes for them to be fully baked {clean toothpick test}. They do spread a little, so give them room on the baking sheet. And instead of an estimated 24 cookies, I ended up with 36. I suppose more cookies is never a bad thing though... 

Conclusion: Yes. Will repeat. Probably split it half plain, half with extra stuff next time, since both options are great. Excellent.


Baked Good #6 for The 23 List.


Here's a picture of the brown sugar oatmeal cookies with extra things in them... can you find the Zoe? :D

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