Friday, February 27, 2015

The 23 List // January & February Update

California Winter Weather // Zoe in the Backyard
^ It's been unseasonably warm this winter, even for California. A few days, temps neared 80 or above. O.o ^

explore more of San Francisco's neighborhoods // I didn't do much of that these past two months, though towards the end of my internship in the city, we did have a team brunch around South Park at The Butler and The Chef, and Tommy and I hit up the SoMa StrEat Food Park for dinner. Neither of which I've had a chance to blog about yet, though, so I'll update when that happens. :P

+ bake eight new recipes // easy, quick, & flourless peanut butter cookies.

bake eight new recipes // semi-secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies.

reach 50 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers // again, fun with numbers. At the moment, there's 63 Instagram followers and 517 Pinterest followers. Exciting!

+ foodie adventure as much as possible // this one I've been working on quite well. I really need to get the subsequent blog posts up in a timely manner though, but just know that there have been some excellent meals with friends over the past sixty-ish days. Like New Year's Day lunch with Debrr, coffee/work dates with Janelle, San Francisco adventuring with Tommy, mid-day meals with the OT volunteering crew, et cetera, et cetera. It's delicious.


It's been a pretty intense two months around here, with a bunch of life decisions being made and various changes being implemented. As quickly as it feels like it went by, it's also like, "No way all this has happened over just two months..." I guess that could indicate productivity, but really, it's just kinda been a blur. I DID finally get a planner though {like, mid-February}, which makes keeping track of things so much easier. Love writing those lists and things down. Alrighty. I shall let you go. Hope your 2015 started off well! We shall continue to cross things off this 23 List!


The 23 List Updates for September/October, November, and December, in case you missed them. (:

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